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We talk of a new job we talk of a resume, a profile

We talk of a new job we talk of a resume, a profile

We talk of a new job we talk of a resume, a profile. The very concept of writing a cover letter sounds just like a worn out concept…  Its like what? First the resume and now the cover letter?
Recruiters have even not mentioned to attach a cover letter?
Its just not asked with the JD .. only a resume….
Isn’t a resume enough?
Cover letter? does anyone even open it?

Well  we are here to answer all these questions.
Resume as we discussed is tailor- made according to the job you are applying for. there are limitations to the information. What it your want to share some achievement separately which you haven’t mentioned in resume? Cover letter is certainly that opportunity.
The way where it is always advisable to include a cover letter with your profile whenever your apply for the job, it is also in the same way it is necessary to write the cover letter in the proper manner and format which is appropriate to catch recruiter’s attention.
This is a first hand document and a prefect place to let the recruiter know why they should hire you.
Now just as we have body parts cover letter also has body parts and as we take care of our body its indispensable to be very thoughtful when you design a cover letter considering each part written precisely.  A Carefully written cover letter can get you call for interview instantly.

So whether asked or not to do take it as a customary tradition to enclose with your CV or resume.

Not making it too long to read we will discuss the detailed part in our forthcoming articles…

Till then…
happy job hunting….