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convert your resume into something that makes you out-stand

convert your resume into something that makes you out-stand

“It is becoming a cliche to talk about personal brand; but your resume needs to convey that in no uncertain terms”
“Most resume’s dont” ….. says Harward Siedel (partner with Essex partners, Executive coaching firm)

A curriculum vitae is the foremost document which goes even before you even say a ‘hi’ to the HR . It reached there the moment u apply for a job. So it will be a big mistake if we forget that that is the most powerful tool to market our skills to an organisation. But then? Why is it that nearly 80-89% if CV’s are left un-noticed? In-spite of showcasing best of the talents why is that call for interview is not heard or long awaited?
If this is happening with you , that gives an alarm bell  to sit back , review and make some modifications to your CV… o ..oh i should now say your PROFILE..

Some common mistakes that leave the deserving profiles too unnoticed::

–> Gramatical errors in the CV.

–> Too long (Specially for entry level Candidates).

–> You Curriculum vitae starting with “OBJECTIVES” .

–> Focusing more on yourself rather than the employer.

–> Trying to say all the things to all the employers and not being specific to the Job description given       for a position.

–> Focusing on responsibilities rather than results

–>  Mass mailing the CV.

Today’s job market has witnessed a lot of changes since past few years. aacording to an article published on website — 13 million young people enter the job market each year.  so now you can imagine how challenging it can be to that your profile is made in a way that its handpicked by the HR  amongst so many people.The ways to represent things have been evolving and changing drastically. It is mandatory to tailor this much needed marketing tool to get you the hot seat right in time .
Here are some tips which you can apply surely to upgrade the same;;

1> Be Precise.

2> State the skills according to the job objectives only. do not try to fit in everything.

3> Make the format presentable. gone are those days when cv used to be just an introductory
document to your work details. It has to be presentable now.

4> Keep your vision clear.

5> Use social media and internet effectively to advertise yourself.

6>  Instead of beginning the CV with ‘Objectives’  try starting off as ‘career summary’.

7> Do not use a language which is too vague.

8>  Focus on results rather than bragging the phrase ‘ I was responsible for…..’.                                           Frankly quoting , an organisation is more interested to what results you can create and what u              have achieved earlier.

Finally since we know that  recruiters just don’t have time time to go through the unwanted stuff and if there comes a place where you are stuck then what to do? The answer is simple. … Hire a resume writing expert .. .. it becomes necessary to do so when you know that…..

one….  You are not getting interviews on our own.

two….   Difficult to jot down things on paper.. imagine for a chartered accountant who works with                    figures it can be mind boggling to pen down the writings for his CV.

three… You dont have time to make a CV..

four….  You are tied up with issues on personal front…

five…   you may have put together all the mandatory features in your CV , but it gives a perfect                      glimpse of 1980’s .

Resume writers are not just professional writers but they are experts in making your profile stand out of the rest of the applicants pool. He/she  would know how to spotlight your most worthy accomplishments because he looks at that with most fresh unbiased eyes.

So leave the worries to him and let him convert your resume into something that makes you out-stand and that looks more professional and approachable.

happy job searching….