Recruitment Strategy: Outining Definition

Defining a recruitment strategy in words can be done in various management jargons by different individuals.According to me putting it in simple words ‘ a recruitment strategy is a method or a framework which takes the process of recruitment  in such a way that qualitative talent pool is added to the organization effectively filtering unwanted candidates out without wastage of time and resources.’

Success of recruitment strategies:

a>   Its mandatory to have a complete know-how of nature of business the organization is into, for the recruiter in order to make the strategy successful

b>   A Recruiter should not fail to position the organization in the job market. For this identifying and having a deep knowledge of competitors is necessary.

cc>    Understanding of organizational culture is a must to effectively design a recruiting strategy.  Promoting the work culture both inside and outside the organization. There is no other strategy effective than word of mouth publicity that begins inside the organization and spreads all over. And, it is the work culture or environment that appeals the potential employees more other than salary or designation. A friendly and conducive work environment not only helps startups in retaining their top performers, but also lures the best talent available in the industry. This works effectively when recruiters seek for referrals. 

d>  The results expected from a candidate should be clearly defined and understood by the recruiter. Unclear objectives can mislead the process of hiring resulting into adding of unreliable candidates.

e>   Expected targets should be linked to the organizational goals. After that only it can be fully stated how much the candidate will value-add to the organization business.

f> Skills required for the job should be clearly defined and adhered while interviewing>   Candidates should be chosen on the basis of results he is capable to yield, rather than merely on skill sets they have.

h>    Recruiter should be experienced enough to identify the appropriate recruitment sources.

i   i> Recruiting for multiple location entails the responsibility of recruiter of taking a professional approach and step be step process else it wills get jumbled up leading to recruiting no-one and the recruitment targets lingering on. Which as a result will hamper organizational growth.

jij> Proper and appropriate interviewing techniques are a must to save time and select proper candidate.

Problems and challenges faced by startups:

We can jot down following shortcomings which results into candidates leving the organisation too early, or placement of misfits:

11>   Hasty decisions in recruiting because of pressure of starting business operations asap: as huge outflow of money is involved with the startups at initial stages this results into necessity of immediately starting business operations. This in turn results into recruiting hastily thereby attracting inappropriate talent.

22>    Lack of experience or no experience of hiring.

33>   No or lesser importance to have a separate HR department in order to cut costs.

4>    Inefficient assessment tools.

5>   If the startup is not clear about its targets on the monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, it cannot set rational targets to employees and neither can it accurately assess the performance of employees. This unsystematic approach regarding and purposes badly affects the appraisal and promotion mechanism. Not only this, it will also lead to haphazard recruiting. Whatever tool employer uses to evaluate the performance of the employees, it gives inaccurate results. These inefficient evaluation methods cause dissatisfaction among the good employees and they start taking less interest in the growth of the organization. 
The recruitment strategy is a driving document for recruitment specialists and HR Recruiters. They do not waste time. They are focused on achieving the recruitment goals of the organization. They understand how goals are defined. The recruitment process is quicker. The decisions are made immediately.

Hope the write – up is useful… happy reading ….

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