“About us” in the job description? Recruiters alert……….

Done with the job posting? That reached to a lot of people…. But unfortunately failed to attract the applicants as expected….
In our preceding articles we have tried to bring some guidelines for candidates those who are attempting for a resume remake… Several tips and points to  candidates as to how they should write cv to highlight in a way they can help corporate overcome hurdles at work and handle situations.
Now here’s a twist… this thing goes vice-versa. When a candidate reads your job post he is first looking that what is in it for him to do.
He might be looking for a challenging opportunity, or better salary, or better prospects ,  etc.. so first thing here up is to detail JD and not at first put ‘about us’ section.
lets have a look at a small census:
magine a job post where right in the beginning it starts with ‘about us’ if the first 250 words just cover company description, company reputation, culture etc… but actually what candidate is looking for lies at the end in a few lines. It would immediately disinterest him and create an impression as there is no much for him to do here. and he overlooks it.
 Gist of the thing is .. its advisable to put description of company at the end and focus of opportunity in the beginning… this will definitely give more clarity on the job role and one interested to apply and deserving will be on board soon….You the talent leader/recruiter should take a backseat to the candidate hero and just act more like their guide.